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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Reasons Why People Like Safari Garden Housing Scheme

  We are very excited to bring you our latest project, SAFARI GARDEN. This excellent new venture will be a hallmark that provides the very best in convenience and comfort to all our residents. We look forward to having you be a part of it. SAFARI GARDEN for us is the result of a significient amount of hard work and dedication. Our aim was to bring the highest lavel of comfort and ease to our residents in a modern environment, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thank you for your interest.

Location Map

Safari Homes 

Recently Safari Garden Developers (Hajvery Builders) has Announced a new project with the Name of Safari Homes for the  Homeless people. in this project people can get their house as they are paying Rent for home and after 5 years they will become complete owner of their house.
              Here is short discussion about safari gardens Features.


The central attraction of the community, Safari Mall brings a magnificent commercial experience that is set to delight residents and visitors alike. A shopping hub built on modern designs, and housing exclusive stores, exclusive stores, Entertainment facilities and a fantastic food court, Safari Mall is your one-stop Destination for all things shopping. 


Let the beauty of nature enliven your day with our exquisite Safari Park. Spread out over an area of 96 Kanals (12 acres), The gardens are the perfect escape from the doldrums of everyday life, and provide ample space and opportunity for you to enjoy the blessing of Mother Nature.


Bringing a stellar new destination for entertainment enthusiasts, Our cinema offers the latest technology in visual and sound systems that go perfectly with the latest blockbusters. Feel the thrill of the big screen like never before ,and enrapture your senses with every viewing, only At Safari Garden.


Safari Garden contains a central mosque designed to welcome a large number of people. Offering Services for prayers and Religious Education. The mosque is a central pillar to the essence of spirituality within the community


Community is important to us at Safari Garden. And we’ve created a community centre that caters to all your needs. Take part in grand events with our spacious halls, and be a part of a truly memorable Experience that you’ll cherish forever.


Safari Garden house a wildlife zoo filled with exotic and spectacular creatures from the animal Kingdom.


Education is integral to success, and Safari Garden provides you with a means to acquire first-rate education for you and your loved ones at our school district. Housing purpose-built  campuses designed for world –class institutions, our school aim to contribute to the future of your child and make it a bright one.


Safari Garden also contains a hospital that is dedicated to provide you with quality health services around the clock. Our highly-qualified staff of doctors and nurses ensures that you receive the very best in medical care, and are ready to cater to your medical needs at any time.


We value our community’s safety above all else, and for this purpose, we have established a highly advanced security service within Safari Garden. With 24/7 surveillance and highly-trained personnel you can rest at ease knowing that our security systems will keep you safe around the clock.


Protecting our community members from all sorts of safety hazards, the Emergency Services Department of Safari  Garden is a first-response unit that deals with threats and work to protect citizens acrossthe community with dedicated personal, advanced equipment and trained professionals.


  We Would like to extend a warm welcome to you From  SAFARI GARDEN , a fascinating new experience in real estate. 
SAFARI GARDEN is a pioneer project of the hajvery Group that aims to provide excellent service and wondrous convence to you. The project promises a variety of options for residential and commercial 
Property, and a host of amenities that will take your satisfaction to the next level ,featuring state –of-the-art designs and quality services. With our 20 years of experience, and portfolio of successful project 
Such as anum homes , Hajvery Garden ,Hajvery Homes Phase 1,2,&3 and Al-Haram Gardens Phase 1&2 
And the upcomeing Safari Homes ,we are confidient in our ability to providing you the most outstanding community experience at SAFARI GARDEN. We are eternally grateful  for your support , and thank you for having your faith in us.

Sheikh Amjad

Contect For more Information And sale purchase.

Muhammad Adnan


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Best Way To Ferozpur City features

    Ferozpur City Society Your Way To Success. Today we discuss The features and the Ultimate Guide of Ferozpur City Lahore. Read these features and decide why to buy plots in Ferozpur City (housing society Lahore).
Ferozpur City Map


       Nursery with an aim to beautify the community of Ferozpur City, our nnursery eill provide tree plantation, immaculate landscaping and development of green areas, bringing a refreshing and truly wondrous image to the community for all to behold. The nursery offers a great place for plantation and landscaping within the society, aiming to make every day appear beautiful to our residents and guests alike.

Security and Control:

       An independent security service office housed with the latest security systems and facilities is the cornerstone of security and safety within Ferozpur City. The security office will provide a complete solution of surveillance and protection with highly trained personnel, mobile units, and special surveillance equipment monitoring areas.


       Warehouses are planned within Ferozpur City that will provide quick service and easy movement
of goods to valued customers, while increasing customer, while increasing customer satisfaction. All our commercial and warehouse areas will have an integrated parking system for proper management,
along with offering packaging and labeling services.

Wildlife Zoo:

       Ferozpur City will contain a strategically designed zoo harboring exotic animals and birds of rare and expensive breeds. Tree and other green elements with also be placed within to give it a natural touch, enabling visitors to experience a stimulating and enjoyable time with their families. The animals will be placed in a natural habitat, and will be taken care of through the best practices, while also being used as educational aids to bring awareness about the environment and endangered species to visitors.

Banquet Halls:

       Ferozpur City contains an extraordinary and distinctive avenue of marquees for all your grand events. Providing excellent services with an exceptional will-outfitted team, we endeavor to make all your special events a truly memorable experience. Elegant and classy decor will be available to patrons as per the event theme.

Maintenance Office

       As a society that cares for its residents, Ferozpur City will provide twenty-four hours free maintenance services that are a single call away. Our specially trained staff will be available at your doorstep immediately for any emergencies related to utilities, ensuring day and night comfort and peace of mind for all our residents.

Vision Multiples

       Ferozpur City boasts a grand multiplex cinema for residents and outsiders alike, equipped with the most modern 3D visual and sound systems available. The Cinema will host more than 200 persons, and will also include exclusively tasteful restaurants, modern play lands and entertainment
centers for making your entertainment experience an exciting one every time.

Grand Community Park:

       Ferozpur City has incorporated within its plan ample spaces for well-designed parks, gardens and open spaces aimed at providing visual appeal to residents and guests alike. The individual parks will be within walking distance from one another, and the Grand Community Park is planned to maximize the overall beauty and enjoyment of the Ferozpur City fraternity.

Ferozpur Business Hub:

    Our on-site marketing office is designed to assist customers with the best services in Ferozpur City
with a team of dedicated and highly-motivated professionals ready to help analyse, plan, manage, market and execute projects. We endeavor to maintain our partners' and customers' comfort throughout the entire process, and aim to develop an extraordinary society together with them.

Champions Sports Complex

    Societies that participate in sports and recreation develop strong social bonds, Provide greater safety, and the people who live in them are generally healthier and happier. By keeping in mind this view, we deliver to you a state-of-the-art sports complex to foster your pride. We ensure the privacy of residents by providing locker room services, and a club for refreshment after an exciting day of exercise. The outstanding sports complex will be awaiting residents of Ferozpur City to make them healthy, fit and enjoy life to the fullest.

Discovery Mall:

   Discovery Mall Offers a Superlative commercial hub within Ferozpur City, open to both residents
 and visitors. Built on modern lines with commodious shops, wide passages and walkways, the shopping complex is your destination for a delightfully amazing shopping experience.

Disaster Management Center:

   Ferozpur City will host a state-of-the-art Fire Life Safety and disaster Management(FLS & Dm) office, promoting safety awareness and preventing hazards while protecting all our residents from harm. this system will also enrich management. The fire service will be available 24/7, and all buildings are carefully planned to be earthquake-resilient.

Ferozpur General

Ferozpur City will house hospitals with a center of excellence bringing quality health services for patients. The hospitals will be multi-storied, equipped with the most qualified doctors,  staff, and the best services to provide exceptional medical care to the overall community.

Jamila Sector  Mosque:

     The Jamila Sector Mosque is a true crown jewel of Ferozpur City. The mosque is a masterpiece
of Islamic art and inspired by prominent architecture from around the globe that is deep-rooted in the golden era of the Islamic heritage. 

Fatimah Jamiah Mosque:

   The state-of-the-art Jamiah Mosque welcomes everyone with lush green landscaping and an exquisite design adorned with decorative patterns and stylish calligraphy. Situated at the center of the community, the mosque will provide accessibility to all residents and visitors, bringing and uplifting spiritual experience with its many facilities.

Ferozpur Knowledge District:

    Ferozpur City aims to provide the best educational opportunities to its residents through its modern schools and purpose built campuses harboring the latest and most advanced educational  facilities across a large area of land these campuses will deliver world-class education and career oriented programs with the aim of strengthening the future of our residents and nation.

Fashion Boulevard:

    Bringing a sublime shopping experience to Ferozpur City is the Fashion Boulevard, an attractive 
commercial area that houses some of the biggest and most well-known brands in a convenient location for all your shopping needs. Explore the splendour of a quality shopping needs. Explore the 
splendor of a quality shopping experience at the hottest location in town.

Ferozpur Garden Apartments:

     With a passion for scrupulous craftsmanship meticulous and majestic finishes. Ferozpur City raises the standards for upscale living. The earthquake-proof apartments classy fittings and furnishings with signature interiors inspired from some of the best architectural designs from around the globe. Ferozpur Gardens will have specific amenities such as swimming pools, gyms convenience stores and laundry facilities either directly available on the premises or within its vicinity. 

2 Kanal Villas:

     Quality living doesn't get any better than the super-eminent 2 kanal villas of Ferozpur City. These attractive and stylish homes are the pinnacle of magnificence, offering the most advanced facilities and the greatest comfort in an environment that is meticulously crafted to provide absolute bliss. A promising investment for you and your family that guarantees a living experience unlike anything else, Ferozpur City is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.