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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Reasons Why People Like Safari Garden Housing Scheme

  We are very excited to bring you our latest project, SAFARI GARDEN. This excellent new venture will be a hallmark that provides the very best in convenience and comfort to all our residents. We look forward to having you be a part of it. SAFARI GARDEN for us is the result of a significient amount of hard work and dedication. Our aim was to bring the highest lavel of comfort and ease to our residents in a modern environment, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thank you for your interest.

Location Map

Safari Homes 

Recently Safari Garden Developers (Hajvery Builders) has Announced a new project with the Name of Safari Homes for the  Homeless people. in this project people can get their house as they are paying Rent for home and after 5 years they will become complete owner of their house.
              Here is short discussion about safari gardens Features.


The central attraction of the community, Safari Mall brings a magnificent commercial experience that is set to delight residents and visitors alike. A shopping hub built on modern designs, and housing exclusive stores, exclusive stores, Entertainment facilities and a fantastic food court, Safari Mall is your one-stop Destination for all things shopping. 


Let the beauty of nature enliven your day with our exquisite Safari Park. Spread out over an area of 96 Kanals (12 acres), The gardens are the perfect escape from the doldrums of everyday life, and provide ample space and opportunity for you to enjoy the blessing of Mother Nature.


Bringing a stellar new destination for entertainment enthusiasts, Our cinema offers the latest technology in visual and sound systems that go perfectly with the latest blockbusters. Feel the thrill of the big screen like never before ,and enrapture your senses with every viewing, only At Safari Garden.


Safari Garden contains a central mosque designed to welcome a large number of people. Offering Services for prayers and Religious Education. The mosque is a central pillar to the essence of spirituality within the community


Community is important to us at Safari Garden. And we’ve created a community centre that caters to all your needs. Take part in grand events with our spacious halls, and be a part of a truly memorable Experience that you’ll cherish forever.


Safari Garden house a wildlife zoo filled with exotic and spectacular creatures from the animal Kingdom.


Education is integral to success, and Safari Garden provides you with a means to acquire first-rate education for you and your loved ones at our school district. Housing purpose-built  campuses designed for world –class institutions, our school aim to contribute to the future of your child and make it a bright one.


Safari Garden also contains a hospital that is dedicated to provide you with quality health services around the clock. Our highly-qualified staff of doctors and nurses ensures that you receive the very best in medical care, and are ready to cater to your medical needs at any time.


We value our community’s safety above all else, and for this purpose, we have established a highly advanced security service within Safari Garden. With 24/7 surveillance and highly-trained personnel you can rest at ease knowing that our security systems will keep you safe around the clock.


Protecting our community members from all sorts of safety hazards, the Emergency Services Department of Safari  Garden is a first-response unit that deals with threats and work to protect citizens acrossthe community with dedicated personal, advanced equipment and trained professionals.


  We Would like to extend a warm welcome to you From  SAFARI GARDEN , a fascinating new experience in real estate. 
SAFARI GARDEN is a pioneer project of the hajvery Group that aims to provide excellent service and wondrous convence to you. The project promises a variety of options for residential and commercial 
Property, and a host of amenities that will take your satisfaction to the next level ,featuring state –of-the-art designs and quality services. With our 20 years of experience, and portfolio of successful project 
Such as anum homes , Hajvery Garden ,Hajvery Homes Phase 1,2,&3 and Al-Haram Gardens Phase 1&2 
And the upcomeing Safari Homes ,we are confidient in our ability to providing you the most outstanding community experience at SAFARI GARDEN. We are eternally grateful  for your support , and thank you for having your faith in us.

Sheikh Amjad

Contect For more Information And sale purchase.

Muhammad Adnan


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Best Way To Ferozpur City features

    Ferozpur City Society Your Way To Success. Today we discuss The features and the Ultimate Guide of Ferozpur City Lahore. Read these features and decide why to buy plots in Ferozpur City (housing society Lahore).
Ferozpur City Map


       Nursery with an aim to beautify the community of Ferozpur City, our nnursery eill provide tree plantation, immaculate landscaping and development of green areas, bringing a refreshing and truly wondrous image to the community for all to behold. The nursery offers a great place for plantation and landscaping within the society, aiming to make every day appear beautiful to our residents and guests alike.

Security and Control:

       An independent security service office housed with the latest security systems and facilities is the cornerstone of security and safety within Ferozpur City. The security office will provide a complete solution of surveillance and protection with highly trained personnel, mobile units, and special surveillance equipment monitoring areas.


       Warehouses are planned within Ferozpur City that will provide quick service and easy movement
of goods to valued customers, while increasing customer, while increasing customer satisfaction. All our commercial and warehouse areas will have an integrated parking system for proper management,
along with offering packaging and labeling services.

Wildlife Zoo:

       Ferozpur City will contain a strategically designed zoo harboring exotic animals and birds of rare and expensive breeds. Tree and other green elements with also be placed within to give it a natural touch, enabling visitors to experience a stimulating and enjoyable time with their families. The animals will be placed in a natural habitat, and will be taken care of through the best practices, while also being used as educational aids to bring awareness about the environment and endangered species to visitors.

Banquet Halls:

       Ferozpur City contains an extraordinary and distinctive avenue of marquees for all your grand events. Providing excellent services with an exceptional will-outfitted team, we endeavor to make all your special events a truly memorable experience. Elegant and classy decor will be available to patrons as per the event theme.

Maintenance Office

       As a society that cares for its residents, Ferozpur City will provide twenty-four hours free maintenance services that are a single call away. Our specially trained staff will be available at your doorstep immediately for any emergencies related to utilities, ensuring day and night comfort and peace of mind for all our residents.

Vision Multiples

       Ferozpur City boasts a grand multiplex cinema for residents and outsiders alike, equipped with the most modern 3D visual and sound systems available. The Cinema will host more than 200 persons, and will also include exclusively tasteful restaurants, modern play lands and entertainment
centers for making your entertainment experience an exciting one every time.

Grand Community Park:

       Ferozpur City has incorporated within its plan ample spaces for well-designed parks, gardens and open spaces aimed at providing visual appeal to residents and guests alike. The individual parks will be within walking distance from one another, and the Grand Community Park is planned to maximize the overall beauty and enjoyment of the Ferozpur City fraternity.

Ferozpur Business Hub:

    Our on-site marketing office is designed to assist customers with the best services in Ferozpur City
with a team of dedicated and highly-motivated professionals ready to help analyse, plan, manage, market and execute projects. We endeavor to maintain our partners' and customers' comfort throughout the entire process, and aim to develop an extraordinary society together with them.

Champions Sports Complex

    Societies that participate in sports and recreation develop strong social bonds, Provide greater safety, and the people who live in them are generally healthier and happier. By keeping in mind this view, we deliver to you a state-of-the-art sports complex to foster your pride. We ensure the privacy of residents by providing locker room services, and a club for refreshment after an exciting day of exercise. The outstanding sports complex will be awaiting residents of Ferozpur City to make them healthy, fit and enjoy life to the fullest.

Discovery Mall:

   Discovery Mall Offers a Superlative commercial hub within Ferozpur City, open to both residents
 and visitors. Built on modern lines with commodious shops, wide passages and walkways, the shopping complex is your destination for a delightfully amazing shopping experience.

Disaster Management Center:

   Ferozpur City will host a state-of-the-art Fire Life Safety and disaster Management(FLS & Dm) office, promoting safety awareness and preventing hazards while protecting all our residents from harm. this system will also enrich management. The fire service will be available 24/7, and all buildings are carefully planned to be earthquake-resilient.

Ferozpur General

Ferozpur City will house hospitals with a center of excellence bringing quality health services for patients. The hospitals will be multi-storied, equipped with the most qualified doctors,  staff, and the best services to provide exceptional medical care to the overall community.

Jamila Sector  Mosque:

     The Jamila Sector Mosque is a true crown jewel of Ferozpur City. The mosque is a masterpiece
of Islamic art and inspired by prominent architecture from around the globe that is deep-rooted in the golden era of the Islamic heritage. 

Fatimah Jamiah Mosque:

   The state-of-the-art Jamiah Mosque welcomes everyone with lush green landscaping and an exquisite design adorned with decorative patterns and stylish calligraphy. Situated at the center of the community, the mosque will provide accessibility to all residents and visitors, bringing and uplifting spiritual experience with its many facilities.

Ferozpur Knowledge District:

    Ferozpur City aims to provide the best educational opportunities to its residents through its modern schools and purpose built campuses harboring the latest and most advanced educational  facilities across a large area of land these campuses will deliver world-class education and career oriented programs with the aim of strengthening the future of our residents and nation.

Fashion Boulevard:

    Bringing a sublime shopping experience to Ferozpur City is the Fashion Boulevard, an attractive 
commercial area that houses some of the biggest and most well-known brands in a convenient location for all your shopping needs. Explore the splendour of a quality shopping needs. Explore the 
splendor of a quality shopping experience at the hottest location in town.

Ferozpur Garden Apartments:

     With a passion for scrupulous craftsmanship meticulous and majestic finishes. Ferozpur City raises the standards for upscale living. The earthquake-proof apartments classy fittings and furnishings with signature interiors inspired from some of the best architectural designs from around the globe. Ferozpur Gardens will have specific amenities such as swimming pools, gyms convenience stores and laundry facilities either directly available on the premises or within its vicinity. 

2 Kanal Villas:

     Quality living doesn't get any better than the super-eminent 2 kanal villas of Ferozpur City. These attractive and stylish homes are the pinnacle of magnificence, offering the most advanced facilities and the greatest comfort in an environment that is meticulously crafted to provide absolute bliss. A promising investment for you and your family that guarantees a living experience unlike anything else, Ferozpur City is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Dreaming Of Ferozpur City housing society Lahore

Ferozpur City ( the living spirit of Pakistan)

Ferozpur City weaves the story of Tradition and heritage into the Urban narrative, highlighting our rich culture within a modern-day

Main Gate of Feropur City:

Ferozpur City Gate
The gate house of Ferozpur City represents an amalgamation of ancient and modern architecture,  enchanting onlookers at first sight with its novel design, glamorous lights and architectural marvel.
The clock tower is a noticeable milepost that is prominent from a distance, and its imperial presence is symbol of modernization that establishes a sense of place for residents. Be it day or night, the spectacular beauty and marvellous aesthetic appeal of the clock
tower stands as an iconic identity of Ferozpur City.

Chairman's Message:

Ferozpur City the living spirit of Pakistan
  First and foremost. I would like to express my profound gratitude to Allah (SWT) whose countless blessings have enabled us to achieve a big milestone. Feropur City is a dream come true, a dream that has always aspired us to work harder and better throughout our career in Real Estate.
I would like to thank you all whose support and trust has enabled us to achieve this historical mark that is the inception of our first real estate development.
Ferozpur City has been planned and designed with the most intricate details, pertaining to the best international standards,  and featuring all the amenities of a futuristic lifestyle. Once completed, Feropur City will not only be one of the most desired neighbourhoods, but will also establish new benchmarks and trends in the real estate development sector.
Looking forward to growing together with you.
We are committed
Naeem Ahmed 

5 Marla Homes

The 5 marla houses will provide you with the finest living experience and a taste of modern architecture, bringing comfort, luxury and peace with world-class security services to you. With our expertise, we offer quality services  according to the taste of the residents adding unique colors to the lifestyle of Ferozpur City.

8 Marla Homes

You and your family are welcomed at Ferozpur City to make your dream house in our 8 marla villas. With lush green lawns and  adequate parking spaces, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of living in a truly world-class environment. Come and witness the best housing experience waiting for you!

10 Marla Homes 

If what you're looking for is quality housing and a peaceful living experience, our 10 marla  house will serve you best. Bringing your dreams to reality, the exquisite architecture and housing options of our 10 marla estates serve as a prime location for you to build a comfortable a luxurious future for you and your family. Ferozpur City is the place where you can enjoy living to the fullest.

1 Kanal Homes

Ferozpur City brings and ultra-exclusive residential experience complete with modern facilities a peaceful environment,  lush green surroundings and a safe haven of comfort for you and your family. our premium 1 kanal villas are crafted in a unique creative and cost-  effective design ensconced with nature, luxury and vogue.  Residents are offered easy access to every breath-taking facility and feature of Ferozpur City and a personal retreat to a new standard of comfort and indulgence.
It's All About The Ferozpur City housing society.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Agriculture land available for sale on Bedian Road Lahore

11 acre land available for sale on main Bedian Road Lahore. As we know DHA's new phase is going to appear near Bedian Road that's way this Land is gold piece. Golden chance to make bright future using your investment. Bedian Road will be wide and The Land will be more valuable in near future. Feel Free to contact me if you have any further Question/inquiries about this Land. 

Mr. Rauf Khan03004142428

Friday, 7 April 2017

Ferozpur City 15 unique features

        15 unique features of Ferozpur City Housing scheme; which are capable of the most impressive and appreciated.  These are such features of Ferozepur city that you will not find in any other housing society in Pakistan.
Ferozpur City Features

The Best and Unique Effective Ideas of Ferozpur city

Ferozpur City Installment Plan
  • 1.       Mosque of 25 acre which will be the largest mosque in Pakistan. And at the same time 200,000 men can offer  the Namaz. And this mosque will get a unique honor in the Islamic world.
  • 2.       A museum will be built in the memory of great Sufi Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah.  In which his Sufiana philosophy will be decorated. 
  • 3.       A joyland consisted of 23 acre will be built; which will have all the opportunities for refreshment for children and family.
  • 4.       200 kanal’s garden at Main Boulevard in which there will be a wide variety of fruit trees.
  • 5.       There will be a park of 40 kanal in all blocks of Ferozpur City.
  • 6.       Ferozpur City is providing 50 feet front road for 5 Marla plots; first time in Pakistan which is the unique honor of Ferozpur City.
  • 7.       First time in Pakistan; Ferozpur City will sale plots with three-story built up permission.
  • 8.        Occupy Commercial Plots  in just one month.
  • 9.       2000 Homes will be built for poor and rare people.
  • 10.   2000 residential plots; will be handover within just six months.
  • 11.    The society will provide the education facility from nursery to university level. 
  • 12.   Establishment of Medical University.
  • 13.   Religious and scientific education will be fully available.
  • 14.    The sports complex will provide the facilities of playing all kinds of games.
  • 15.   More over of these facilities the Ferozpur city will provide, 24 hours electricity, underground wiring,  foolproof security management, shopping complex, cinema, zoo.
         The society will built its own power house and electricity will be provided continuously. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Announcements About Ferozpur City

There is going to be a new Lahore on Ferozpur road and it is named as Ferozpur city. Naeem sahib has a feast of breakfast to all Real Estate owners for eliminate the restlessness of LDA approval. Mr. Naeem told that the approval of the LDA is complete and the work of Ferozpur City will start in April. He said; we are going to make a most trusted and famous housing scheme in Lahore; we will succeed in our first project. Introducing a life style where green world class parks, modern housing requirements, and world class town planning first time in Pakistan. Turkish architects/developers are selected for the development of Ferozpur city. Pakistan’s largest mosque will built in Ferozpur City; 495 kanal; (470000 square feets covered area) Land is left for the masjid and will be designed by Turkish architect. Equipment for development is taken from china and Ferozpur City’s map is designed in Turkish style. Announcement of Medical University might be possible at the launching; and 500 Kanal educational Complex will be made where education from school to university will be available; map of Ferozpur City is designed by Turkish designer in Turkish style it’s said by Mr. Naeem. LDA has allowed constructing three-storey/30 feet apartments in Ferozpur City; while no other housing society has got such permission in Lahore.

New Real Estate Offices in Ferozpur City:

40 New real estate’s offices have been opened in Ferozpur City Lahore. Real estate offices have started work on the sale and purchase of plots in Ferozpur City. Safari Garden’s dealers have opened their own new offices in Ferozpur City. Every dealer wants to have his own office built in Ferozpur City; everyone knows that Lahore’s biggest investment is going to be here. Advertising of Ferozpur City has started fast and its advertising is being done through Facebook newspaper, media and websites, besides the sign board is also being used for advertisement. New offices demand on Ferozepur road near Ferozpur city has increased rent and zameen/land rate.  

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Safari Garden Housing Scheme Lahore

Investment opportunity in Safari Garden Housing Scheme 3,4,5,8,10 Marla residential and 2,3,4 plots, commercial plots for sale. 4.5 KM from Ferozpur road Near Bahria Education and Medical City Main Sue-e-Asal Raiwand road Lahore. Safari Garden Lahore is the only housing scheme for where you invest Minimum and can get Maximum profit.
Safari Garden Housing Scheme a new project Start by Hajvery Builders. It is situated at Sue-e-Asal Raiwind Road among the well-known housing societies like Ferozpur City, Central park, LDA city, Bahria Nesheman, Model housing society and grand avenues. It is Fifteen Minute Drive away from Lahore Kalma Chowk and 5 minute drive away from Central Park Housing scheme Ferozpur Road Lahore. 
Safari garden where you can find your dream house in your budget? The gated and guarded vicinity of Hajvery’s projects flaunts wide, carpeted roads. Safari Garden’s main boulevard is 150 feet wide which has 4 marla prime location commercial plots. Safari Garden is the 5th project of Hajvery Builders and they have launched its new extension named as block D and Block E. Its new extension has 2 and 3 marla commercial plots along with 5, 8 and 10 marla residential plots. New extension’s 5 marla residential plot booking start from 3 lakh and monthly installment is 20000; it is the 4 years installment plan. The Hajvery Builders has ensured that the visual appeal of Safari Garden matches the quality of the living standard it offers. Bahria Education and medical city also increases the safari Garden importance.
Safari Garden Map

Upcoming Projects of Hajvery Builders:

Hajvery Builders is going to introduce Hajvery Homes, a low-cost housing project in Lahore. A home is name of hope and dream; it is announced at Safari Garden’s balloting ceremony that Hajvery Builders are introducing new low cost Home project. It is said by Mr. Sheikh Amjed that people will feel they are paying rent and after few years; they have their own home. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Select Ferozpur City Lahore

We prefer Ferozpur City is best for investment in future and also current situation.  The recent successful LDA approval and development work to have brought hope back again for Ferozpur investors. Chinese developers were seen in Ferozpur City and they are going to start development of ENEM’s project. ENEM has selected Chinese developers for the progress of Ferozpur City as they are world-famous architect. We are gifted to see the advertisement of Ferozpur City by electronics media newspapers and signboards. This is the witness of Ferozpur city’s success that the owners of commercial plots are demanding 7 to 15 lakh own at their plot. The Price rates are more increased in this month because March is the month in which ENEM is going to announce Ferozpur City officially. Are you getting started to become a real estate Investor then Ferozpur City Is best option for you. First of all you have to find yourself a trusted real estate agent that you like who is fully conscious from the project of Ferozpur City. Now you have to develop strong connection with agent by asking questions so you come to know his ability/capability. Truthful/talented real estate agent and Ferozpur City project are the keys of secure investment.
Select Ferozpur City

Our Message

“If there is one reason why Real Estate Advisor has evolved consistently across the last 4 years emerge as one of Pakistan’s fastest growing real estate investment companies, it is because we have invested in our core valves with passion to the point that they have become a part of our culture. And this culture is shareholders or business partners.
At Real Estate Advisor Projects (eg Ferozpur City), we feel that success is derived from the ability to lead, motivate, inspire, delegate and empower; at a more fundamental level, success is derived from the ability to learn, care and deliver. What excites me is how we transformed a legacy way of doing business in a staid industry into a passion-driven approach on how we can make a difference every day at work. The last line is that this ‘difference’ would not only for translate into doing different things, but more significantly doing things differently to elevate our communities.

With Pakistan on its growth trajectory, there is a need for dependable and professional Real Estate Consultants that have an unwavering commitment to excellence. Real Estate Advisor believes in durable corporate governance, highest levels of integrity and transparency. We look at Pakistan’s economic growth as an opportunity to empower people, enrich their lives and to contribute to the nation’s development,”

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Real Estate Services In Ferozpur City

We are providing Real Estate Services In Ferozpur City:
Since its inception in 2014, Real Estate Advisor has believed that there is only one mantra for success: Quality. This credo combined with uncompromising values, customer-centricity, robust engineering, and transparency in business operations, has placed it among the ‘most preferred real estate brands in both residential and commercial segments.

Our Mission

  Our mission is to enable wealth creation for our clients and support them benefit from increasing opportunities in the real estate segment. In continuation to our effort in this direction, Real estate Advisor is helping the customer community in terms of presenting a distinctive experience for buying real estate. We are deeply engaged towards driving our customer priorities in the right direction.

Our Philosophy

Low Risk in Ferozpur City
At Real Estate Advisor, all our endeavors revolve around just one entity- our customers. Their need, dreams and aspirations are pivotal to our decisions. We call this “The you philosophy”. We provide low risk investments opportunities; our team takes away the hard work and hand picks properties across Pakistan to provide our clients with the best. We source all of the properties below the current market value. This gives the property the highest possible chance of achieving capital gains at the end of the term.

Research services

  We offer valuable research services to corporate clients who intend to develop and sell large scale real estate housing or commercial projects. Our service includes feasibility reports, market analysis and professional consultancy. That’s why Real Estate Advisor has a successful track record and has 400+ happy investors as a proof of that. We make a significant equity contribution in each investment, thereby creating a strong and cohesive alignment of interest with our client’s investment objectives.

Management stability

Our management team has long tenure with the company, bringing significant experience and expertise from all aspects of the commercial real estate industry to the investment process.

Local Market knowledge

Our strong local market presence and partnerships deliver superior first-hand knowledge that is critical to accurately assessing each investment opportunity. We are 24/7 trace with local market like Ferozpur city, Model Housing, Safari Garden etc.
Breakfast along with MR. Naeem Ahmed (CEO ENEM Estate)

We had a very productive meeting at breakfast with Ferozpur City Owner Mr.Naeem Ahmed a honest man. We look forward to generate more chance for investment for our exultant clients. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Ferozpur City Lahore By ENEM Holding

The Ferozpur City a New Housing Society by ENEM Holding is situated in the heart of Lahore near Ring Road Lahore. Its glamour, elegant buildings and colorful parking enhances its beauty and extends its worth due to its features. Its wide roads and excellent location draws attention of visitors and pour its worth into the looking eyes. If we discuss about Ferozpur City by ENEM Holding it is situated in the west of Main Ferozpur Road and Ring Road runs in the north of Ferozpur City. The Ring Road Interchange is situated in the Northern side of that Housing Society. Bahria Nasheman is situated only 5 mints drive form Ferozpur City By ENEM Holding.
Ferozpur City Updates
Forty minutes take to cover distance of Allama Iqbal International Air Port, Lahore via Ring Road which further increases it worth and beauty. If we discuss other institutes like Petrol pump, Moj College, Islamic university Sue-E-Asal and central Park Lahore are situated it’s near and are just furlong away. Many commercial plots, residential plots and commercial plazas are available at Ferozpur Road Lahore and Kana interchange.
                        The Ferozpur City Lahore By ENEM Holding is consisted on one phase only in which people are possessing residential plots and also 5 Commercial plots. If we discuss about prices commodities which are very reasonable and affordable in both residential and commercial plots; Note all the plots are on 3 installments. A Property channel is a renowned private company for sale and purchase of available in Ferozpur City Lahore By ENEM Holding. This private property company makes its hectic efforts to find out vendors and buyers interested in property.

                        You can realize and find out in past many property dealers started selling and buying properties but only few private companies remained intact with their profession others left this business. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Real Estate Advertisement

Real estate is business of property sale purchase in local and developed residential areas. Simply we can say that we invest our money to buy a residential plot or commercial plot in Ferozpur city or any other society for gaining profit. We have to advertise that plot so people contact us who want to buy it.
in Pakistan the most popular business is real estate investment because there are started many housing projects like residential societies and commercial markets, Mall’s and agriculture land; most important thing is why now because before that Pakistan was not popular like other countries as now Pakistan have its own worth among the most advance countries like Europe and others its main reason is gwadar port.  
Get you plot buyer
If we compare Pakistan real estate to other counties real estate’s business we found Pakistan have its own values, Pakistan is country of world that have a golden land and best weather. In other countries there is only one season people can’t take charm of their real life but in Pakistan people fell and got every charm of life and all seasons, so we can say that Pakistani land is a golden land of the world.
Now we discuss about real estate we can invest here as an investor and want to take most suitable profit on our investment question is how? We can buy a residential plot or any other commercial plot, sector shop in shopping mall, or at any hot location which we like or fell that it can give us a satisfied profit.
Here is a name of real estate business is Ferozpur city by ENEM holding. I found that they are working very honestly in real estate business they providing well satisfied services to their clients this project is providing many option in real estate business how to invest and how to increase profit.

Real Estate Business Advertisement:

Advertisement is a necessary key of to give a promotion of your new started business like lunching new housing project, Ferozpur city project by ENEM is starting its advertisement on high level and property channel is also participating in (advertisement) this. Property channel is following these people’s instruction who invests their money to advertise their business more then to enhance their business.

Selection Of Area for advertisement:

First of all people selected an area where they want to advertise their business we can say targeted clients. Like ENEM want to advertise their project in UAE they should advertise in battered country.
Choose The Right Media For advertisement:
After chosen area they over view to select a Media for Advertisement we also know there are many resources to advertise to promote a  business like Television, newspapers, holding sign boards, and Internet Zameen com is most powerful source for property advertisement in these days.
I hope my words are very helpful for you.
With very kind Regard,

Real Estate Advisor

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ferozpur City Lahore Project

 Ferozpur City Lahore is one of the most successful housing Society on Ferozpur Road. Ferozpur city is marketed by well-known estate property channel. This plan is adhering to the highest ethical standards and ensures transparency during the process of development all the way through to possession. Currently, Ferozpur city Lahore is completed LDA’s formula so why should you care about getting your on one of these reasonable plots. This good-looking and attractive housing project is located a mere 30 minute drive away from the International Airport( Allam Iqbal Airport) via ring road. Ferozpur city (housing society) well the perfect to call home sweet home as it is situated peaceful environment and will has every desirable facility.  Hot location 5 marla commercial plot cutting on side A and side B of main gate of Society which are suitable for imperial office. Commercials of Block B have more value than block A as block B of Ferozpur city is started from the internes of main entrance. And residential plots which are 5, & 10 Marla ideal locations will be judge after balloting formula. Similarly 1 and 2 Kanal plots will more luxurious when they have plot numbering.

Attractive Facilities:

project by ENEM
Do you need to be further convinced that owning plot in a stylishly developed and perfectly planned society is a good impression? There are some more factors which might convince you which are its 3 years installment plan and Ferozpur city will dotted with big parks, medical facilities, beautiful and modern shopping mall. Ferozpur city will truly a tranquil setting to live in.

About ENEM Developer:

As we know enem is the developers of Ferozpur city Lahore and trying to take charge its development to a chinese companies and they are looking such company which have experienced and experts in relevant field. We desire Ferozpur must develop with transparency, efficiency and excellence and developers should provide us a beautiful home without compromise on quality. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Ferozpur City In March

In Lahore, people are generally drawn to Ferozpur City, Grand Avenues, Model Housing and Ferozpur City these three localities are also sought after by genuine buyers desiring to own a plot in a peaceful environment on Ferozepur Road. According to my opinion plot rate will increased one to ten present on each plot after approving LDA.
Ferozpur City, which has been playing its role to provide, plots at very manageable prices the affective and transparent procedure. And the Ferozpur city is going to get NOC (No objection Certificate) from LDA (Lahore Development Authority) during this passing month. Model Housing and Grand Avenues on the other side expects lite to arise in their prices of 125 Sq yrd and 250 Sq yrd plots. Despite all the controversies which have affected the sale and purchase activity “as the increment of tax and prices of plots in that locality” there is expectation to have a blow in the Ferozpur City market. 

After the hurdles i.e notice of LDA for green land and NOC there was a fear to see a decline in prices of Ferozpur city plots and market would lose its creditability and vitality. Despite the said hurdles fortunately there was no jarring plugs were seen in Ferozpur city. And there is great hope for NOC in the month of March. Not only the Ferozpur city saved its value but also there has been seen a market rise in prices of plots so Ferozpur city got rid of will never see notice that will decrease value of Plots.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why Invest in Ferozpur City Lahore

   The key reason why it is greatly sensible to invest in Ferozpur City is the fact that investment here is a gold chance.  As Ferozpur City (ENEM Holding) is a prosperous real estate market in Pakistan, you have a wide range for investment opportunities in the field of real estate; you have a wide choice for investment options in the field of real estate. There is Risk-free investment of your hard-earned money in Ferozpur City.  It is worth indicating that the Ferozpur City comprises of commercial and residential Plots. The real estate has appeared as pretty hit international investors because of the gainful investment return. Conventional possessing properties offshore have always been attractive to most of them.  Dream about owning properties overseas, population and emerging towards the worldwide village, new avenues of similar property investments are opening up.  With the real estate companies in Lahore flourishing, the ideal for those property investors who need to cash in on the wonder city is to find trustworthy real estate agents specializing in real estate market of Ferozpur Road( Ferozpur city).  
Why invest in Ferozpur City?
Why invest in ferozpur city
 Ferozpur City-enem holding with its good infrastructure, Modern shopping malls, wide carpeted roads, comparatively investor’s satisfaction has always been a top investor's central point. ENEM Developers provides excellent living conditions and certainly is economical than various other societies. The culture and climate in Ferozpur City is almost same as any other Housing Society of(Lahore) Pakistan, it has long summers but its location (On Main Ferozpur Road) attracts the buyers.  Real estate companies understand the changes which need to take place to possess a piece of property in the city and with the good amount of information it could help assist you throughout the scheme of finding a reliable property with all the facilities of luxury/beautiful life.

Real Estate Agents In Ferozpur City Lahore:

When you are searching for Ferozpur City real estate agent actually there are several factors to consider. You must have a strong understanding of the real estate market fluctuations, complete listing of all the available properties in the DHA. There are Property channel, Mahad, Al-Ameen Estate which facilitate you to discovery the best plot on Ferozpur road and aid you giving tips on property management to get the maximum profits in the near future.  Ensure to research thoroughly and invention the top real estate in Ferozpur city which can support you in the entire process of property buying. 
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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ferozpur City For investment

  There is no person who does not like to invest in Lahore. Todays, in Lahore property sale purchase is at the top in Ferozpur Road Lahore. From the beginning of Safari garden, it makes place in every investor heart and now ENEM has launched a new housing scheme which delivering chance to every investor. We are accumulating with people and save information about Ferozpur City Lahore. Now there is still no one not showed loss in this project, which is verified Ferozpur City is better from all housing project on Ferozpur road and also a testing/first project by ENEM Estate. Another Important point is every investor even real estate agents 100% agree there are no absolute loss after investment in Ferozpur City.
Well this is my own point of view about Ferozpur City “whatever goes up must come down” .This can never forget; now ENEM is a Brand name in Lahore infect it had 2nd biggest real estate agency in Lahore.
Investment in Ferozpur City
From all above discussion, this is the right time in which we take more and more financial benefit from Ferozpur City Lahore. A large investor can earn up to two million earnings from Commercial plot of Ferozpur City in few months.
A Real estate agent in Ferozpur City;
Only an experienced and honest real estate agent is able to deliver right yield to investors on the basis of their potential and experience and also persistent contact with market he know about the true price of the plot. If a new investor want to buy 5 marla residential plot or commercial plot in Ferozpur city. For example an overseas person does not know about the correct worth of plot and if agent does not deliver the right value to purchaser than he may bear huge loss.

So it is important to any client/he must constant with a well believed real estate agents who provide accurate value. We provide you latest update/plot value/ and development situation about Ferozpur City Lahore.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Small Investment in Ferozpur City

  He is a wise man who built secure its future; from investment in property we can make our future bright. For example if you are buying a plot file at the rate 395000 in Ferozpur City today, the file becomes 4 to 5 lac in the near future.  Not only in Ferozpur City, it does raise the face value of at any housing Society anywhere in Lahore.  It is safer to invest in real estate and profitable business in Pakistan and any styles. Investment in Property (Real estate) is a kind of business which has become popular in Pakistan and its popularity is increasing with every passing day. Many common men started the business of real estate, now these people are including in top class business man. For example Malik Riaz was a common man he started business of real estate with a little investment and good faith he become so much popular in property field. We can observe his success in the Bahria projects ( Bahria Nasheman, Bahria EMC, Bahria town).  Now he started his new projects in every big city of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. I mean to quote that investment in property is very profitable business; a lot of people are enjoying lot of profit with little buying shares. Real estate business is running people's Household expenses in Pakistan.  There are millions people are attached with this business in Lahore.
Property Investment

Projects For investment In Lahore:

There are many housing projects in Lahore where we can invest our money like DHA Lahore, Bahria projects, State life cooperative housing society, if we observe Ferozpur road it also has numerous societies for example Ferozpur City (a New Project ByENEM) Safari Garden (project by Hajvari Builders) Model Housing society (by Main Amir) Grand Avenues (Urban Developers Associates) Palm City, Central Park, and many more. If we say that the Ferozpur City is a best opportunity for small investors would be not wrong.

Investment In ENEM’s New Project Ferozpur City;

Now we put forward ENEM’s new project Ferozpur City, it’s a best time to investment in this project you can book plot from authorized deals just 1 lac remaining mount will be paid at the time plot files come. It is announced that plot file will be come after LDA approval (possibility LDA approval April 2017). It is situated near Sua-e-Asal on Ferozpur Road. It has 2 kanal, one Kanal, 10 Marla, and 5 Marla residential plots. It is announced on the time of AGM conference by Faheem Pahat that it will be the finest Housing scheme on Ferozpur Road Lahore.  Ferozpur City is an ideal place for investment; we are authorized deals of Ferozpur city. If you want to book plot in Ferozpur City( residential or commercial plot), make a call on provided Phone Number. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Investment chance in Ferozpur City

Naeem Ahmed Ferozpur City
 Buying a property in Lahore may be a real Pakistani dream, but buying plot in well ranked society seems more like the realm of fantasy.  There is little good news for the investors that sale & purchase has been started in Ferozpur City (Plot are on Installment). Just few week before ENEM Estate declared that the LDA approval will clear and development will be started soon. For Investors assurance ENEM Developers’ is developing this project on a higher rank in real estate market. This is a golden opportunity for investment in this project because it will be the best housing society of Ferozpur road in Lahore. The rates of 5 Marla in Ferozpur city is starting from 3.95 Lac as down payment but soon it will jump on 50 thousand own as its development is about to start. This is a fastest growing market for investors to sale & purchase in Ferozpur City that’s why ENEM will develop his first project promptly. After some time you will best project on Ferozpur road as compare Model housing, Grand Avenues and central park having beautiful parks, shopping malls and every single facility like Defence. Property channel always tries to provide more opportunities for investors in its new deals and we are authorized dealer of Ferozpur City. We can determine that Ferozpur City is first project of ENEM Estate and know that they will try to develop it attractive, beautiful and fast for getting investors truest. Main Ferozpur Road has become fast moving investment markets in these days because of installment plan.  We are persuading to invest in plots of Ferozpur City to bright your future.

We are excited to announce that Property channel became the one of Lahore’s largest rated real estate agency. Property Channel’s investment suggestions are sketch to help you achieve your goals whether you’re having experience in real estate market or just starting out. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ferozpur City As Investment

  Real estate business is rapidly moving now a day’s which is own example in its characteristics. Due to so many societies came into being Pakistani societies modernize their lifestyle. That is why real estate business nourishes and people use to buy plots in societies. There isn’t any investor in Pakistan who doesn’t want to invest Plot in Ferozpur city. Property’s buy and sale is on its peak now a day in Lahore and Ferozpur road is main concentration of investorz. From the very first day of Ferozpur city booking people take interest to invest there. We asked numerous well-known real agents and collect information about this Ferozpur City Project.
No one sees loss against this ENEM Estate project. Only few investors were fearful from LDA add; LAD process is completed in March after that no one adds will appear on newspaper. So it proves that Ferozpur City is better one and a brilliant/great housing project. All investors say about this ENEm Project that there isn’t any chance of loss after investing in Ferozpur City they are 100 % sure about it.
It was all my opinion but there isn’t any investor who faces loss in this Project. ENEM is a name of a brand which never deceives anyone.
We can get so many advantages from Ferozpur City first project. A great investor can get approximately million profits against a commercial plot in Ferozpur City. An expert and honest real estate agent give a real profit to investor. On the basis of his experience and continuous connected to agents he knew the real and accurate price of a plot. For instance if an overseas investor wants to get plot or apartments in Ferozpur City he is not aware of the real price of the house so if agent tell him a wrong price then he definitely faces a big loss.
So it is necessary that they must be connected to some agents to get aware of the ups and downs of the market rates. So they will never face loss but they must get a person who guide them well and also get an honest agent.

Ferozpur City ENEM Holding
We are offering real estate services.

 We have started our services of real estate agent some years back from Safari Garden. Now we are offering our services in Ferozpur City, Model housing and Grand Avenues.
If u need the services of real estate agent for your own plot or new booking file buy or sale contact our team.

How we work and perform:

Our team is all the time is connected on telephonic media and as well on social media. If you want to sale your plot we assure you that we will provide you a better offer within 24 hours IA. Same as the case if you want to buy a plot in societies which are located on Ferozpur road; we will attain you in a very short period of time which will give you profit in future as well.
There are something’s which differs us from others, an investor invests his Rizk e Halal. But there are some agents who for their own curse charge their own commissions, but also get more money (Margin) by meeting the other party which is not allowed. Due to this investors sees loss and also don’t trust anyone.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Ferozpur City And Property Channel

In general, real estate is business which deals in sale, purchase properties and mortgage. Where there is population in the world the real estate business is flourishing with every passing day. It has its own significance on international level. If we talk about Pakistan, it is one of the tope countries where this business is improving firstly. This business has been changing since last few decades. As the life style of man has been changing this business is providing luxuries for his comfort. The improvement, in real estate business in Pakistan has no parallel example in the world. At the time of emergence of Pakistan there were only few residential colonies but later on Model town, Bahria town, Defence housing society,  and many more colonies had changed the map structure of Pakistan. To say, real estate has changed the piece of land into heaven, would be naked truth.
 If you are searching for investment in Plot File, it is the right place; who are searching for best investment place. The golden chance for invest in a Lahore( that never sleeps). We are introduced a new investment platform for our clients in the profile of Ferozpur City.   Ferozpur City and Safari Garden is the center of attention for investors now these days. From the razzle dazzle of the Ferozpur City that remains till the sun rise, As they will be introduced Phase 2 of Ferozpur City; this is like a continent for every investor which provides more opportunities to gain high profit.   
Property Channel is Lahore’s top and most successful real estate agency. People like us because we update our clients with their properties states continuously. It is our pleasure to offer you best real estate services in Lahore.  We have established relationships across all the major Bahria Nasheman real estate agencies.  We will provide you how to invest in real estate field.
Remember too, Owners who has plots/files in Safari Garden, Model Housing and Ferozpur City contact Property Channel team for knowing; what the worth of your investment is?
We deal in the following societies: Ferozpur City, Safari Garden, Model Housing Society, Grand Avenues,  And Bahria EMC.
Come see this charming ranch with breathtaking panoramic views of Cedar Springs.
5, 10 Marla1Kanal and 2 kanal plot file for sale in Ferozpur City, categorically gorgeous time for investment. For a limited time, offering a small discount (rebate) from the listed price on Plot booking with Property Channel.
Plot Booking in Ferozpur City is only available to the buyer who acts NOW. Stop reading and start 
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Why are you still reading this??

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Plot Sale Purchase In Bahria EMC

Malik Riaz is owned Bahria education & medical city Lahore; he has introduced many housing society projects all over the Pakistan. Electricity, Education institute, Hospital, filtered water, sewerage system, Parks for healthy activities, Sui gas, entertainment, Zoo and communistic are sigh of Modern society. A concrete road enhances the beauty on housing society. These facilities are available in only two renowned and famous housing societies of DHA and Bahria. These housing societies have been achieved landmark not only in Pakistan but also in the world. In Bahria Education and medical city carpet roads have been constructed. Bahria education and medical city is exempted from fraud and cheating because plots file are being sold after fulfilling all codal formalities and legal procedures. The structure and location of the Bahria education and medical city at Sua Asal road four miles away from Riawind is tremendous and fantastic. The green plants increase its beauty and glamming lands. Commercial and residential plots of four Marla to five Marl are available at superlative locations. Business community or investors can start their business while investing a reasonable amount. Outing parks are specially constructed in the heart of the society so that old and teenage person can easily take benefit from it. Bahria education & medical city has twenty Parks in different size cutting. Glamour’s and splendid buildings attract every person of every community. Swimming Pools and playgrounds pull the attention of living beings. Security becomes safety of residential whether they live in housing societies or live in village. Bahria town administration managed such system by which security and safety of plots purchaser remains safe. The security is being monitoring through digital cameras.  Higher education is vision for every good citizen. In this regard a standardized medical university covering all modern knowledge is also being established where in high qualified and expert as well specialized subject professors are being hired from the recognized world’s famous institutions.

Behria Education And Medical City New Deal:

Behria Education and Medical City lunched a new deal/project on Full Paid 5 and 8 marla residential plots in this deal. Bahria EMC Society golden opportunity for both Buyers and Investors. Get a chance to own a plot in one of the finest societies in Pakistan project of Behria Town.

Medical University in Bahria Education & medical city:

 The reason behind the name of Bahria education and medical city Lahore is that Medical University. The Medical University in Bahria affiliated with famous international university and international standard education complex. Widespread and extended roads are being constructed with the help of the tops construction companies.  A wild road towards Ferozpur road also leads to the Bahria Education and medical city Lahore which is just 5 km away from the main ferozpur road.

Petrol Pump In Bahria EMC

A luxury and Mercedes car revives when engine oil and petrol are filled. This demand is also observed and a petrol pump equipped with all apparatus has been established. The best sigh of Bahria Education and Medical City administration for which it is recognized in the world, is its quality that it first complete all ground roots construction than it lounge its saling and purchasing.

Plots Rate in Bahria Education and Medical City:

The amount of 4 Marla commercial plots is one crore and 5 Marla residential plot is 20 Lac. The Plot Rate is changed by market value day by day.