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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ferozpur City As Investment

  Real estate business is rapidly moving now a day’s which is own example in its characteristics. Due to so many societies came into being Pakistani societies modernize their lifestyle. That is why real estate business nourishes and people use to buy plots in societies. There isn’t any investor in Pakistan who doesn’t want to invest Plot in Ferozpur city. Property’s buy and sale is on its peak now a day in Lahore and Ferozpur road is main concentration of investorz. From the very first day of Ferozpur city booking people take interest to invest there. We asked numerous well-known real agents and collect information about this Ferozpur City Project.
No one sees loss against this ENEM Estate project. Only few investors were fearful from LDA add; LAD process is completed in March after that no one adds will appear on newspaper. So it proves that Ferozpur City is better one and a brilliant/great housing project. All investors say about this ENEm Project that there isn’t any chance of loss after investing in Ferozpur City they are 100 % sure about it.
It was all my opinion but there isn’t any investor who faces loss in this Project. ENEM is a name of a brand which never deceives anyone.
We can get so many advantages from Ferozpur City first project. A great investor can get approximately million profits against a commercial plot in Ferozpur City. An expert and honest real estate agent give a real profit to investor. On the basis of his experience and continuous connected to agents he knew the real and accurate price of a plot. For instance if an overseas investor wants to get plot or apartments in Ferozpur City he is not aware of the real price of the house so if agent tell him a wrong price then he definitely faces a big loss.
So it is necessary that they must be connected to some agents to get aware of the ups and downs of the market rates. So they will never face loss but they must get a person who guide them well and also get an honest agent.

Ferozpur City ENEM Holding
We are offering real estate services.

 We have started our services of real estate agent some years back from Safari Garden. Now we are offering our services in Ferozpur City, Model housing and Grand Avenues.
If u need the services of real estate agent for your own plot or new booking file buy or sale contact our team.

How we work and perform:

Our team is all the time is connected on telephonic media and as well on social media. If you want to sale your plot we assure you that we will provide you a better offer within 24 hours IA. Same as the case if you want to buy a plot in societies which are located on Ferozpur road; we will attain you in a very short period of time which will give you profit in future as well.
There are something’s which differs us from others, an investor invests his Rizk e Halal. But there are some agents who for their own curse charge their own commissions, but also get more money (Margin) by meeting the other party which is not allowed. Due to this investors sees loss and also don’t trust anyone.


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