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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Announcements About Ferozpur City

There is going to be a new Lahore on Ferozpur road and it is named as Ferozpur city. Naeem sahib has a feast of breakfast to all Real Estate owners for eliminate the restlessness of LDA approval. Mr. Naeem told that the approval of the LDA is complete and the work of Ferozpur City will start in April. He said; we are going to make a most trusted and famous housing scheme in Lahore; we will succeed in our first project. Introducing a life style where green world class parks, modern housing requirements, and world class town planning first time in Pakistan. Turkish architects/developers are selected for the development of Ferozpur city. Pakistan’s largest mosque will built in Ferozpur City; 495 kanal; (470000 square feets covered area) Land is left for the masjid and will be designed by Turkish architect. Equipment for development is taken from china and Ferozpur City’s map is designed in Turkish style. Announcement of Medical University might be possible at the launching; and 500 Kanal educational Complex will be made where education from school to university will be available; map of Ferozpur City is designed by Turkish designer in Turkish style it’s said by Mr. Naeem. LDA has allowed constructing three-storey/30 feet apartments in Ferozpur City; while no other housing society has got such permission in Lahore.

New Real Estate Offices in Ferozpur City:

40 New real estate’s offices have been opened in Ferozpur City Lahore. Real estate offices have started work on the sale and purchase of plots in Ferozpur City. Safari Garden’s dealers have opened their own new offices in Ferozpur City. Every dealer wants to have his own office built in Ferozpur City; everyone knows that Lahore’s biggest investment is going to be here. Advertising of Ferozpur City has started fast and its advertising is being done through Facebook newspaper, media and websites, besides the sign board is also being used for advertisement. New offices demand on Ferozepur road near Ferozpur city has increased rent and zameen/land rate.  


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